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FAQ’s – General

Customer Care - How do I contact you if I have problems?

You can contact (WE ARE NOT A SPECIFIC HOTEL) for help with reservations already confirmed (or to be confirmed via the Internet) that were made via TravelHero or one of our affiliates ONLY. If you made a reservation via some other way, we cannot help. Reservations are accepted via the Internet. We can guide you through the reservations process via the customer care number. We do not post telephone/fax numbers but do provide them to you with the completed reservation confirmation email. We do not have email addresses to provide. Customer Care support is available weekdays (except major US holidays) 8AM-5PM Arizona US Time Zone at 1-800-808-1216. (Email for lodging help should be addressed to Email for all other inquires should go to Replies may take up to 48 hours if submitted outside normal business hours.

Secure Site - What steps have you taken to protect my privacy?

We take fraud and protection of your privacy very seriously. We use Verisign for your protection, and your credit card information is accessible only by our authorized travel agents and the hotels’ reservation systems.

Our site is 100% secure, and we guarantee that with the best anti-fraud policy in the business. We are so confident in our system we are able to offer you this guarantee: In the unlikely event that your credit card is used on our secure server and you didn’t authorize it, follow the reporting procedures of the card issuer, and contact us immediately. Many credit card companies will cover all of the charges that result from unauthorized use of your cards, and your maximum liability under the US Fair Credit Billing Act is USD $50.00.
If your credit card company does hold you liable for unauthorized charges made as a result of your credit card transaction with TravelHero while using our secure server, we will reimburse you for your remaining liability, up to the maximum of USD $50.

Disclaimer - What is your Disclaimer? has the right to make changes or deletions of information contained within any of our websites without prior notice. Any reference made to other products or services or links does not, in any way, constitute or imply its endorsement by TravelHero. These references are made as a convenience to the user and TravelHero does not control and cannot guarantee the accuracy and content of the materials provided by other agencies or organizations. The use of any rating terms such as (but not limited to) AAA, CAA, or Mobil is not an indication of TravelHero affiliation with any such organization. The user assumes all risk and responsibility for the use of material provided on this site and on the Internet in general. TravelHero provides no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, for the use of information contained herein, nor assumes any liability for incomplete or inaccurate information. Pricing (rate) information is provided to us from our vendors. In most cases it is 100% accurate, however errors can occur. If a rate is incorrect, neither TravelHero nor the vendor has any obligation to fulfill the reservation at that rate. All customer registration information (including email address, postal address, and phone numbers) is provided by the customer directly to us. TravelHero is not responsible for any misdirected reservation's information because of incorrect customer data input.

How Does TravelHero make Money

As an accredited travel agency, we make our money by collecting very small fees from airlines, hotels, car rental companies, cruise lines, tour operators, and customers.

Our large volume allows us to offer most of our services for free. We also collect some revenue from various other activities, such as but not limited to, online advertising and affiliate programs.

Passwords - What can I do if I forgot my password?

If you forgot your password, you can obtain it online. Click on the "My Account" link in the blue bar at the top of the webpage. Then click on the "Forgot your password?" link and follow the prompts.

Cookies - Why do I need to have my cookies function enabled on my computer?

Many Web sites, including this one, use cookie technology to help our customers navigate more efficiently. The cookie is a small text file that resides on your hard drive. From time to time, our site will request the cookie from your browser so that we can retrieve the stored information. This prevents you from making the same selections over and over again. Knowing how you use the site enables us to better tailor our content and services to most effectively suit your needs. The information we store in the cookie can never be read by any Web site other than ours. Please note that with most browsers, a user can set the preferences to show a warning each time a cookie request is received. You can also set the browser not to accept cookies at all. However, to make your experience with us as convenient as possible, we suggest that you allow your browser to accept cookies. If you choose to set your browser to not accept cookies, your user experience with us will be limited and you may not have access to all of the functions and features we've developed to make planning and booking your travel easier than ever. To enable cookies on your IE explorer browser, look at the toolbar on the top of the page and click on "View". In this dropdown box click on "Internet Options", then on the tab marked "Advanced". Scroll down till you see the line "Security" and under that "Cookies". Mark the Cookies to "Always accept cookies" and finish up by clicking on the "OK" box at the bottom of this small window.

Change E-Mail Address - How do I change my e-mail address?

To change the e-mail address associated with your account, click on the "My Account" link in the blue bar at the top of the page. Then click the "Change e-mail address" link. You will be asked to sign into the My Account section with your old e-mail address and password if you are not already signed into the site. Then enter your new e-mail address in the top box. Enter your new e-mail address again in the second box for verification purposes. Click "Update" to save this new e-mail to your account. Keep in mind, the next time you sign in to, you will enter the new e-mail address.

Unregister - How do I un-register from your website?

Registration at has many benefits. The most important benefit is the ability to book a hotel, airline flight or car rental quickly online without entering all of your contact and payment. At, your privacy is our commitment. Please read our privacy policy for more details on the security of your personal information.

If you wish to have your e-mail address removed from any promotional e-mail lists created in-house, click the "My Account" link in the blue bar at the top of any webpage. Then click the "Stop promotional e-mail" link. You will be asked to sign into the My Account section with your e-mail address and password if you are not already signed into the site. Then check the box that reads, "I do not wish to receive unsolicited e-mail from TravelHero". Click "Continue" to save this preference to your account.
At this time, we are not able to remove registration information for customers who have placed a reservation in the past, as we are obligated to keep this information for our own reporting purposes. If you have never placed a reservation and wish to un-register, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page and be sure to include your e-mail address and "Un-register" in the subject line. We would also appreciate your comments on why you wish to un-register. We're sorry to lose you!

Currency Converter - What is a currency converter?

As a service to our users, we provide a universal currency converter, which will convert more than 150 world currencies to the currency of your choice. You will find it under the "Travel Resources" link in the blue bar at the top of every webpage.

Name Change to My Account - How do I change my name on My Account?

To change your name you must click on the "My Account" link in the blue bar at the top of any webpage. Then click on the "Change name or address" link and follow the prompts.

Travel Health Information - Should I rely on your Travel Health Information?

The travel health information (and associated data) is provided to us by a third party vendor Travel Health Resources. The information is as accurate as possible but is subject to change as health and country specific information can change in response to numerous factors. Neither TravelHero, our affiliates, nor Travel Health Resources guarantee information accuracy. Consumers should contact the country tourism offices of the specific countries to be visited for the most up to date entry and health requirements. Consultation with your own doctor is recommended.

Credit Card Security Code - What is my credit card security code?

Your credit card security code is a code assigned to and displayed on your credit card by the credit card company. We require you to provide this code as an anti-fraud measure that protects you against unauthorized charges. Only a person in possession of the card will have the code as it is not shown on a credit card charge slip nor on your statements.

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Credit Card Change - How can I change my credit card in an existing reservation and in my profile?

We do not allow a card number change on a previous reservation. Note that you will pay at the hotel and can use any card you wish at that time. The current card will only be charged if you are a no show or cancel within the hotel penalty period. If your card has/will expire before check-in, your reservation could be canceled by the hotel. Email us ( before arrival for assistance The hotel will contact you if your card has expired. We do not allow you to update your user account to change your card except as part of a new reservation. Every time you make a new reservation, you are asked to verify the card to use and you can enter a new one at that time. The new card number will replace the old one in your account. This is an enhanced security measure to protect your credit card information.

FAQ - Hotel Related Topics

Telephone-Fax Numbers - Why are there no Telephone/Fax Numbers on your website?

Our call center number (1- 224-210-1344 ) appears on the website. You can make reservations by phone seven days a week during normal business hours. We do not post direct hotel phone/fax numbers on our website. We only provide the phone and fax number as part of the email lodging reservation confirmation. We provide a listing, search, and reservation service to our Internet customers. Our major compensation comes from the commissions generated by reservations made through our site.

Make A Reservation-Hotel - How can I make a hotel room reservation on your site?

To make a lodging reservation, click on the orange "Hotel" tab at the top of any webpage. Then enter your desired city/state (for example Denver, co) and click on the orange "Find a Hotel" box. Then click on the "Check availabilty" or "Check rates" box next to the desired hotel. There is a non-refundable $5 reservation fee that will be charged to your credit card. We will be happy to find you lodging but you should use our website to ensure we receive all the needed information. Or, you can call us at (1-224-210-1344)

Cancelation-Hotel, How to cancel - How can I cancel a hotel reservation made on your TravelHero site?

Cancellations (when allowed) are done via one of three ways (depending on how you made the reservation). If you made a PREPAID reservation look for the specific cancellation link on the bottom of the confirmation. You may or may not be able to cancel a PREPAID reservation. For specifics see your confirmation email or the "Cancel Penalty for Hotel." If you made an online reservation on or an affiliate website you may cancel by clicking on the "My Account" link in the blue bar at the top of any webpage. Then click on the "Cancel or View Hotel Reservation" link. Follow the prompts to cancel a reservation (as long as you are outside the hotel's cancel penalty window). You MUST click on the hotel name to display the cancel button. If you are within 48 hours of arrival or inside the cancel penalty window, your online cancel request will be rejected and you will have to call the hotel or TravelHero directly. Use the number given on your original confirmation to see if the hotel will accept your cancel request. If you made a reservation via our call center, you need to call us (800-XXX-XXXX) during business hours to cancel (or call the hotel directly). Your cancel credit (if any) is posted by the hotel and will be forwarded to your bank normally within 3 business days. Your bank is responsible to post the credit to your card account. Contact your credit card company for their policy on when it will be posted to your card’s account. The reservation $5 fee is non-refundable.

Brochures - Do you have any hotel brochures?

We do not maintain any brochures. All information is posted on our website at

Check Availability Button - What does the Check Availability Button mean?

TravelHero’s green checkmark system provides instant confirmation of room reservations through a connection to the property's central reservations computer. Properties with this feature are indicated in our listings with a green checkmark. An instant reservation can be made at one of these properties by clicking the "Check Availability" button on the property home page Please see our Privacy Policy and our Secure Site Guarantee elsewhere in this FAQ for more information about our commitment to protecting your privacy and preventing fraud.

Credit Card Required - Is it necessary to have a credit card to use your site?

We require credit cards so we may guarantee the room rate and availability. We cannot complete a reservation without this information. For information about the security of our site, please see our guarantee under Secure Site Guarantee. After your reservation is made, you can remove your stored credit card information from our secure server by clicking on “My Account” (top dark blue bar) and follow the prompts.

Processing fee fir the hotel reservations - Do you charge a fee for making a hotel reservation?

Hotel reservations made via our online website (or any affiliate website) or via out tollfree reservations customer line incur a $5 non-refundable TravelHero reservation fee. Special event reservations (generally made via an event (baseball, Iron man etc.) website powered by TravelHero technology MAY have a small transaction fee which will be disclosed to you during the reservation process.

Property Reviews - Where do your reviews come from?

Consumer reviews are actual comments and ratings from our customers who have stayed at a particular property. Persons who complete a reservation made through our website receive an invitation to review the property. They rate their recent experience (on a scale of 1.0 to 5.0 "stars", with 5.0 being the highest). Comments are optional. The review is read and edited (when necessary) by the TravelHero staff. Editing is mainly concerned with abusive language, relevance of remarks, brevity, and clarity of thought. It is not used to stifle poor property performance. The review may be posted on the website. A copy is emailed to the property (the client may or may not release his/her contact information) for any action the property wishes. Multiple reviews of the same property are available on the website and their score is averaged as the source for the overall property rating appearing at the top of each property's page. Reviews over 12 months old are dropped from display.

Pets - How do we know which properties accept pets?

You can search directly on our site for hotels that have told us they accept pets, but be sure you tell us you are bringing one because some hotels have specific rooms for guests with pets. Additionally, the hotel policy could have changed. Just email us with your confirmation number ( and ask to be sure the hotel still accepts pets. Click on the link on the left side of each city page there is a link that says "More search options." Within the displayed search function you may select the "pets allowed" option and then will be presented with only the properties that allow pets in that city. In some cases the hotel may charge an extra pet fee.

Arrival Within 48 Hours - What do I need to do to book a room within 48 hours of arrival?

For immediate reservations (those with an arrival date within 48 hours of the request) you must use properties with a green checkmark. These check-marked properties have the technology to return instant availability, rates, and confirmation numbers. The hotel guarantees rates and late arrival using your credit card.

Maps - Why is the map I want missing?

We only provide maps for properties within the USA. Available maps are produced for properties that have a street/city/state address. No maps can be produced for those with a PO Box or Rural Route address.

Request Reservation Button - What does the Request Reservation button mean?

TravelHero uses two systems to process our customers' hotel reservation requests. Our green checkmark system provides instant confirmation of room reservations through a connection to the property's central reservations computer. Properties with this feature are indicated in our listings with a green. A reservation can be made at one of these properties by clicking the "Check Availability" button on the property home page. Our other system is an email reservation system. This system is used with hotels which do not have their central reservation computers tied into the Internet (and for those properties that are not computerized). Reservations can be made at these properties by clicking the "Request Reservation" button on the property home page. This will lead you through our Email Reservation Wizard where you will provide us with information required to request the reservation on your behalf at the hotel. This information includes your name and address, phone number arrival and departure dates, and credit card guarantee information. The credit card is used only to guarantee your reservation, and is not charged at the time of the reservation request unless the property requires a deposit (in which case, we will secure your approval before the hotel charges the deposit). Our trained travel professionals process email reservations as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours. Once TravelHero has received confirmation of the reservation from the hotel, you will receive an email message with your itinerary information, reservation confirmation, cancellation information, and the charges to be billed to your credit card exclusive of applicable taxes. All charges to your card are made by the individual property. Please see our Privacy Policy and our Secure Site Guarantee elsewhere in this FAQ for more information about our commitment to protecting your privacy and preventing fraud.

Cancel Penalties for a Hotel - What are the cancel penalties for a hotel reservation?

Hotel cancellation penalties for NON PREPAID reservations vary with each hotel. Normally, it is posted at the bottom of the hotel page on our website. It will be recapped when we email your confirmation. You will see the cancellation policy before confirming your reservation. TravelHero cancellation penalty is $10 per booking (in addition to any hotel cancel penalty). Cancellations or changes made within 24 hours prior to 1201AM day of arrival are subject to a penalty of the first night’s rate including taxes and fees. Cancellations or changes made after 1201AM on the day of arrival are subject to a 100% penalty. Refunds are not available for early checkout.

Underage Customers - Can I make a lodging reservation for an underage customer (under age 21)?

Most hotels do not allow underage people (those under 21) to rent rooms because they cannot be held accountable for damages or charges (such as phone charges or pay TV). Most hotels require a credit card be used to guarantee a reservation. A credit card in the traveler's own name is normally required to be presented upon check-in; again to have recourse in case of damage or unpaid charges. Hotels will deny check-in to those under age 21. You must call the selected hotel directly to obtain their specific information.

Multiple Room Requests - Can I book more than one room at a time?

Making reservations for 2 or more rooms differs according to what type of property you select. Those hotels that have the technology to give you instant online rates (and confirmation numbers) are noted with a green checkmark on our site. You see the available rate BEFORE you complete the reservation. The reservation system for these properties does not allow more than one room to be reserved at a time. You must make an individual request for each room. Other properties on our website, using the delayed reservations system, allow multiple rooms to be listed with one reservation request.

Add a New Hotel - How can I add or modify my existing property on your website?

If you own/operate a hotel or other property, we invite you to list it on Each property's page is a free listing. You may add or modify your property on TravelHero by clicking here and then selecting your country (and state or province if applicable), city and finally property. Follow directions to modify your listing. Your submission will be reviewed by our editorial team prior to posting (usually within 48 hours).

Multiple Rates may apply, first night’s rates displayed - Multiple rates may apply, first night's rate displayed.

This statement applies to reservations of 2 or more nights where the hotel has changed the rate (either up or down) for the second and/or following night. Guests are made aware of a rate change at the time of booking (by an asterisk next to the rate). The rate that is displayed may not be the rate for each night of the stay. Each night's rate, as well as the cancellation policy, is displayed on the summary portion of our reservation process prior to accepting the reservation. This rate change message is repeated in the confirmation email. To review the rate for each night of the stay after the reservation is confirmed, visit and follow the prompts to view a hotel reservation.

Save Tag - What does the red save tag mean?

The red lodging save tag highlights properties offering a special discount to our travelers. The save rate may not be available every date or for all room types.

Can’t change dates from December - Why does the date revert to December?

This problem is caused by your use of a currently unsupported operating system (MAC) or browser (such as Safari or Firefox). We have identified this as a upgrade programming item but we do not have it scheduled yet. We are currently unable to make reservations for those customers using these products.